Digital Marketing
The evolution of digital world in the last 7 years has completely changed the way that people communicate, learn, and buy consumables. More than ever, brands have the ability to reach out to their customers and actually listen to them in order to tailor their messaging, brand, and product strategies.
Our Digital Marketing course takes a holistic view of digital marketing, whilst really focusing on the more quantitative and data-driven aspects of contemporary marketing. You’ll be pushed to gain a clear understanding of a business’ goals and brand voice in order to launch a truly effective marketing campaign. Learner will learn how to utilize analytics in order to make data-driven decisions ranging from audience segmentation and targeting, to what content resonates best with users.
By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Utilise business goals and brand values in order to generate dynamic marketing campaigns.
  • Analyse company data through Google Analytics in order to make informed decisions regarding marketing channels, audience segmentation, and areas of improvement on a brand’s given site.
  • Create, target, launch, and track Facebook, Twitter, and Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Think critically about your brand’s content: from what’s on your site, to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
  • Clearly define the scope of digital marketing, from social, to display, and email marketing.

Course contains

  • Digital Marketing Framework & Strategy
    • Business & Customer Strategy
    • Data-Driven Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & SEO
    • Digital Marketing Strategy & Channels
    • SEO
  • Paid Social & Advertising
    • Paid Search, Adwords, & SEM
    • Paid Social
  • Content Marketing & Social
    • Content Strategy
    • Content Marketing & Social Media
  • Marketing Acquisition & Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Landing Pages, UX, & Lead Gen
    • A/B Testing & Marketing Optimization
  • Customer Engagement & Retention
    • CRM & Email Marketing
    • Retargeting, Referrals, &Winbacks
  • Analytics, Data, & Reporting
    • Metrics, Sources, & KPIs Revisited
    • Google Analytics Deep Dive
  • Display, Facebook, or Mobile Deep Dives
    • Facebook Deep Dive
    • Display, Programmatic, & Retargeting
    • Mobile Marketing Deep Dive
  • Storytelling & Budget Planning
    • Storytelling & Persuasion Marketing
    • Campaign Planning & Budgeting