SEO courses

Are you looking to move into a well-paid and rewarding career in Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing or just want to learn how to boost the website rankings on Google?
Our SEO training courses will be appropriate for you.
Who Should Attend

  • Graduates & Career Shifters
    • Move into a well-paid and rewarding career in Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing.
  • Web Developers and Digital Marketers
    • Use our processes, templates and resources to integrate a professional Search Engine Optimisation workflow in your digital marketing programmes.
  • Marketing Managers & Executives
    • Learn to optimise your website for search engines, manage SEO programmes and lead internal teams and suppliers.
  • Entrepreneurs
    • Increase traffic to your website, boost your rankings, build an online business and generate sales leads.
  • Writers and Journalists
    • Learn to write copy for Search Engines and develop valuable skills for the fast-changing digital industry.
  • Home Workers
    • Start a lucrative and exciting career from home helping small and medium sized companies to promote their businesses on Search Engines.

What you will learn?
By the end of our course you’ll be able to:

  • Implement SEO campaign for the website
  • Understand how search engines work including key Google algorithm changes
  • Explain the impact of local and personalised search on Google
  • Undertake keyword research and analyse competitor websites
  • Understand SEO considerations for servers and web hosting
  • Understand the fundamentals of onsite seo and best practice for optimising page content
  • Recognise the importance of link building and off-site optimisation for SEO
  • Use key SEO tools including Google Search Console
  • How to target key features in the Google SERPs such as rich snippets
  • Advanced technical SEO techniques and strategies
  • How to optimise the site for local and international search and fix common e-commerce issues
  • Factors impacting mobile SEO and page speed
  • Develop a working knowledge of the tools used within SEO
  • The role of content marketing within search engine optimisation
  • How to take the appropriate steps to meet these new challenges